What a busy month!

dsc_0156We have had a crazy busy month in the community garden.

Back in October, we once again took part in the Made in Roath festival. Lots of you creative residents helped Martin to extend his cityscape of ‘Lowry houses’. They all look so colourful and really brighten up the garden. We also welcomed the caterpillar crawl, and were privileged to watch the caterpillar participants transform into a beautiful butterfly.

So far this month, we have joined in with the #loveyourclothes clothes swap hosted by our friends at Green City Events, AND on the same weekend we were also invited to the police Halloween party at Plasnewydd Community Centre. Martin was kept busy carving pumpkins with all the party-goers, and I had a go at some spooky skeleton and pumpkin face-painting (plus a butterfly, at special request). The celebrations and events did not stop there. This week, we were invited to another Halloween party at Mackintosh Community Garden (with vegan marshmallow toasting – yummy!). Finally, today we were back at Mackintosh Community Garden to witness the burning of the guy that some of the hard-working volunteers spent the morning making.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the garden. Garlic and broad beans have already been planted for next year (and are already growing!!!), and we are currently busy preparing the empty beds ready for the winter frost. As always, we welcome any volunteers who would like to come along. If gardening isn’t your thing, Martin also has some exciting wood work projects on the go.

It certainly has been an eventful and tiring month, but also so much fun. As always, photos are up on our facebook page and twitter. The garden in open, weather permitting, every Saturday 10am-2pm. We hope to see you all soon.



Author: Sas

I'm vegan. I love to travel. I challenge myself to visit at least one new place and try at least one new activity every year. When I'm not writing, I like to ski, rock climb, keep fit and bodyboard.

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